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Depicting nostalgia as it blooms.


When I think of nostalgia, I think of these sort of core memories.

Ones I wish I could pick up & view within a photograph.

The smell of bread rises in the oven, and while you wait, you sit on the porch with your parents or siblings, coloring furiously and always outside the bold lines. Markers slide from the page to stain your skin, but you don’t care. It's a memory to cherish. A trophy not of what you had blotted out on paper but of where you were the moment you were doing it. 


Music pours from the chunky stereo, and your parents sing every word to each other, laughing at how red your cheeks become from secondhand embarrassment. They sing louder, and while you cringe, you meticulously record the sound of their off-pitched harmonies to play on a loop when you grow older and life speeds up, like the skipping track on a scratched CD. 



Capturing laughter in a photographer, so crisp and clear you yearn to put it on your record player to listen to on an infinite loop. Creating core memories by encapsulating nostalgic moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Starting Investment: 


(Up to 5 people)


pieces of nostalgia continued...


Your little sibling, too small for a bathtub and somehow the perfect fit for the kitchen sink. You watch, dropping toys into the water, as foam bubbles line their face, causing them to giggle. The window’s light catches on the silver spout, drip- dripping beside your mother’s pruning fingers, pulling your attention from the tiny, wrinkled alien to the dishes, covered in grease and day-old casserole, watching this moment with jealousy. You smile at your mother, who is so lost in the routine, making a bubbled crown atop her baby's brow. Right now, she could care less about the mess we’ve all created. Gathering in forms of stacked dishes and dirty laundry. 


Her only focus is what she has created. What her love has done and how it is so quickly growing, within a kitchen sink.



Starting Investment: 


Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is joy. Motherhood is strength.

Motherhood is love. 

& Lets be sffr. Motherhood is pure chaos.

Why make photos stressful & polished when the best moments are tiny pockets with your little(s) at home, snuggled up on the couch or while chasing them through the hall trying to get their pajamas on before bed. 

And if you're a new expecting mom, lets relish in the quiet moments before the storm. Lets capture the beauty of you & celebrate how absolutely badass you are for growing a tiny little alien within you. 



Intimate, soul-stirring mementos.


I've specialized in working with couples for a few years now. Although I relish in showcasing love stories in all of its stages, I’m beginning to realize that my favorite photos are small & intimate moments. Moments that are often lost to the chaos of a wedding.

(Dont get me wrong; the challenge is still accepted) Moments that are easier captured when all is slow and quiet.

It’s the exclusive view of morning light perfectly highlighting your partner’s messy bangs, sprawled across their forehead like weeds sprouting from cracks in the asphalt. 

A simple caress along your back lets you know they’re beside you as if your soul didn’t already tug toward theirs as they entered the room.

The way their nose crinkles as they let out a snort-laugh, that reddens their cheeks with embarrassment, while you plot all the ways to hear the sound again and again. . .


Dating | Engaged | Married

Starting Investment: 


Why not create a new fold in your story? One that is messy and vulnerable, intimate and quiet. That is where the magic is.

Coffee on the couch with a paper or a good book. Baking in the kitchen, flour everywhere, including your hair that you actually managed to tame for once. Let's freeze those moments.

Those are memories worth saving.

Worth showing.


What makes you- YOU?


I LIVE for creative portraits.

They’re  intimate, vulnerable, and the best way to capture your authentic nature.

What stirs your soul? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry?

To capture you in your realest form is ART because we are all so unique and most beautiful when we are present, in the moment, and showing up for ourselves. 


Let's show the world who you are. . . It can be you and the brand you’ve created. Something you should be so proud of & deserve to show off in the most authentic way possible.

Or it can just simply be you being a beautiful human - laughing and living like the little weirdo you have always been.

Average Investments starting at $600

(Please note, I do not do Senior Portraits)



What all comes with a session listed above? 


My typical family, motherhood, and couples sessions are around 1-2 hours. After deciding if we’re right for each other, we book our date and get to planning & merging our creative visions for our day together. I send you a guide on what to expect & we check back in a few days prior to the shoot to lock everything in. After the session, I hand select the best of the best photos to send you fully edited. The gallery you receive allows you to download high res heirlooms for you to print, post, and cherish for years to come.


Do we pay a deposit? 


Yes! Upon booking, you will pay a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. & the remainder of your invoice is always due 14 days before our session date.


Why photos in our home? Can we go somewhere else?


I love the idea of coming into your space, like a little fly on the wall, documenting your story as authentic as possible. I don’t want you to stress about cleaning or decor. The best photos and moments aren’t focused on those sorts of things so why worry? As long as you have nice natural light in some areas, we can create some beautiful magic. BUT we can totally hang outside. There are plenty of favorite locations that I have around Billings, MT. I can also travel outside of Billings with additional travel fees. 


We’re awkward in front of cameras, do you pose us or how does this work? 


Don't you worry, I am awkward ALL THE TIME. I specialize in documentary/ lifestyle captures, so if there is any sort of posing it’s intentionally happening to get you out of your head and in the moment. After that, I’ll use prompts that typically have a lot of movement/ flow to them so we’re never stiff and always movin’ and grooovin’. Sometimes they’re blurry. Sometimes they’re slow and steady. It's all about feeling out what's happening as it's happening so you feel yourself creating memories as it happens and hold nostalgia rather than a photographer later on. 


Do you still shoot weddings?


Yes! Although I am no longer advertising for weddings, I am still open to booking a few a year. Please note I’m only taking ones close to home & smaller and intimate styled ones rather than big and grand. With my other creative endeavors I’m finding it difficult to creatively show up for bigger & longer wedding days. If your vision is big & bold, I would be more than happy to give you a list of my favorite wedding photogs & vendors who will best fit you and your wedding plans.


What do we wear? 


Neutrals are my favorite. You can never go wrong with black. Getting fancy schmancy’ is always fun too. Really whatever you feel best in! The only hard no on my end is neon, and big/ bold prints. When we book, I’ll send you a more in depth guide on preparing for our session. -xx


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