A Montana Backyard Wedding

I'm obsessed with all of my 2020 couples. Planning & having a wedding is stressful enough. But then sprinkle a pandemic on top of it?! You are some tough cookies 🍪. Taylor and Landon had big wedding plans, as any 2020 bride & groom did, but COVID-19 impacted all of their planning. Wanting to keep their original scheduled wedding date, they decided to get married in the Bride’s family backyard with select friends and family. . .

Homemade family quilts were strung up with photos of Taylor & Landon. The decor and gorgeous summer flowers were sprinkled around the yard and deck, to make for a cozy and relaxed day to celebrate love, family, and friendship. Music played in the background and BBQ food, as well as a variety of deserts, were laid out. I felt like I was a part of a normal Sunday Family BBQ the whole time and honestly now only want Backyard Weddings forever!

Another unique spin to this backyard wedding was an activity the bride’s aunt made for her. Instead of the usual guest book or photo signing, she painted a tree on a canvas, then brought different ink colors. Guests were to put their thumbprint onto the ink pad and then place their print onto the branches! The end result was so pretty:

Honestly, backyard goals: Taylor’s grandma had a mini garden escape, with rocky paths winding around and under overgrown trees, it felt like a magical fairy garden. On top of that, she had a barn and old classic cars. I mean, can it get any cooler than that? Likkeeee can I live here? thaaaanks!

Flowers by the amazing Denise at Rock Creek Floral

Not only was the décor family-oriented and sentimental, but I also noticed all of the guest’s glasses had sayings on them. After further inspection, I realized each glass was the name of a Pearl Jam song! What a great idea, I thought that was such a unique spin on décor for Bride’s whether it be book quotes, song titles, or movie titles if you wanted to get really nerdy with it!

Because this wasn't a traditional wedding day, Taylor & Landon didn't get their first dance. So when the sunset hit, I stole them away for a few moments, put on Dancing Shoes by Green River Ordinance, and let them have their moment. ( I cried a bit, I'll admit, I'm a sucker for this sort of thing).

Next year, The Polkow's will be celebrating their marriage, with Taylor in full glam in the actual wedding dress & everything! I cannot wait for round two and am actually grateful it happened this way. This day was so beautiful, and you turned a backyard into a fairytale wedding.

Thank you & congrats Mr & Mrs. Polkow!

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