How to make an animated GIF in Photoshop for your Website/Clients/and IG!

Bring your stunning photos... no better yet... your client's memories to life with animated GIFS! This is a great gift to add to your client's gallery or for your stunning IG feed!

And let's face it... Photoshop is hard AF to get used to. I've played around in it for years and still learn something new every time I'm in these adobe programs! So to help you, I've made a little step-by-step tutorial below so you can enhance your game!

  1. Open Photoshop (obvi.)

  2. Select File, Scripts, Load Files into Stack...

3. Select and Upload your photos (Tip: Make sure they're not too big of file size when uploading so the export is smoother!)

4. Click Window and make sure Timeline is clicked to get the bottom panel to show

5. Typically, Photoshop will say "Create Video Timeline" automatically in the Timeline panel - click the drop-down arrow and select the other option Create Frame Animation. And then click on "Create Frame Animation" to have your first photo plop into the Timeline area!

6. Go Into your Layers and Select ALL photos

7. Click The four little lines button (IDK THE TERMINOLOGY FOR THIS STUFF OKAY HAHA) and click Make Frames From Layers

8. Now that all of your photos have appeared in the Timeline Section- you have options my liege! Usually, for a GIF, you want it to play on a Loop, so I suggest making sure your tab says Forever.

9. It's automatically going to play your photos at 0.0 Seconds - that's a little toooo NASCAR for my liking, I suggest 0.1 or 0.2 for it to play naturally but not too sluggish.

10. LETS EXPORT THIS BEOTCH! There are two ways to export:

- Save for Web (Legacy)

-Render Video

For this Tutorial, I went "old-school" and did the Save for Web option! now, REMEMBER when exporting, check your size! A "Typical" GIF size is 960x540 (In my case for this I made it 720x540) - but you'll know if it's too big, typically Photoshop will yell at you in "render video" if the file size is too large or it will be passive-aggressive and save anyway but will be a total rude beotch to upload because it's too massive.

Now Upload and Test it out! If you Save it going the "Render Video" Route, you'll be able to play it on your desktop like a QuickTime movie file right away. If you choose the "Save for Web" route, an easy way to check it out is dragging and dropping it into a web browser like so:

Save to your phone & Upload to your IG Feed or add into your client gallery! Have fun!

Final Product:

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