Jess + Sara

Sara + Jess

Two Charismatic Souls collided into one giant star burst. Thus together exploding constant side splitting humor, joy, perseverance, love and friendship.

These two have been a part of my family for almost all of my twenties. I've seen them fall in love, grow together, make a life together, and survive and stand tall through loss and pain.

They have always been so supportive of my art and I'm so excited to be a part of this chapter with them.

The best part of this day was being able to celebrate the Engagement with Sara's family on her family's land in Red Lodge, Montana. The Land and Buildings that still stand on it have been passed down for generations, dating back to the 1800's. We were able to sneak into the loft of the old barn on the property. While she looked fragile, the bones were sturdy enough to hold us long enough to capture some amazing moments. Of that which I'm so thankful:

I want to thank the Pitcher, Hellerud, Young Family for letting us create in this historic space.

This wasn't the only loft we snuck into... keep scrolling to see....

Connection is the magic that is born out of souls feeling at home when they are with each other. And We’re all just reaching for it ✨


It's not everyday the Snow Creek Saloon just says "OK" to you making out in their loft.

So yeah anyways, I need to stop crying every time I see this. Thanks for being in my life but F*** you for making my heart feel things ( picture me saying that in The Grinch voice please).

Much Love,