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Hey, I’m Callie. A forever wild child at heart, an author, and a storytelling photographer who is set on creating wistful documentation of your love and your story.


My goal is to keep our time together as real as real life gets by capturing raw and authentic moments. I’m here to make home-made details for you to pass on as heirlooms for lifetimes to come. To create core memories with you and your loved ones. Memories contained within your home as it was meant to be.

Some facts about me - I am an ADHD gremlin. I am a huge nerd & introvert. I’m always covered in dog hair and/or coffee stains. My favorite outfit is a fresh set of pajamas and I’ve probably watched every crime and paranormal show/ documentary that is out in the world. When I’m not editing photos, I’m pouring every ounce of my creative energy into writing. And when I’m not writing, you guessed it– I’m reading. 

What's with the name?

My business name ‘Wild Child’ was coined after shooting my very first family session. It was chaotic and so inspiring that I knew this was what I wanted to be doing with my life. When I got home from the park session, I immediately set intentions on figuring out a business name. I wanted something that spoke true to me and who I was as a person. As I edited the family gallery & laughed at how wild the kiddos were in it, I realized my shooting style wasn’t very “professional”. And then I sat back and said “huh” you know what, neither am I. And then I remembered my nickname from the good ol 90's when I was rocking diapers and jelly shoes: Wild Child.


I’ve always found myself going against the grain, not out of rebellion or spite, but simply because it works better for me that way. I have always been a Wild Child and though I thought that would go away the older I become, it’s in fact gotten worse. My inner child thrives on the chaos of my nature and the creativity that ensues from it. I’m so lucky to say that this name has brought in my type of people over these 8 amazing years and I hope that never stops, because I am here for the wild, nerdy, weirdos who are unafraid to be anything but themselves.


When I work with families, I get to reconnect with my 
inner, little wild Callie. . .

These compilations of hazy recollections are really just moments of living authentically. I was a small human, having simple human experiences. Nothing more. Nothing less.





(Very lazy & demanding but provide ample serotonin and cuddles.)


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When I’m not out taking photos, I’m stuck in my writing cave with mythical creatures, magic, and badass heroines. If you’re into sassy characters and dark fantasy themes (with romance of course.)

Then check out my books below-

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